[User Manual] - How to Solve <i>0xC0000161</i> Error.

Overview -- 0xC0000161

0xC0000161 is a mistake that might show up someday when you use laptop or computer just like normal, its adverse effect(besides annoying) may not shown instantly, but it will trigger some further troubles to your windows system which may get out of your control. In order to meta_aviod further damage to the system, your next move should be processing it at once manually or by using an automatic repair tool which we recommend 0xC0000161 remover.

Recommendation: 0xC0000161 Fixer -- Automatic removing with Simple Clicks

Symptom -- 0xC0000161

  • personal computer frequently crashes with Error "0xC0000161";
  • Windows may restart itself by chance;
  • PC is sluggish and take over 3 minutes to launch a program;
  • Occasional boot errors;
  • Error messages associated with "0xC0000161" arise.

Methods of Fixing 0xC0000161

Recommend: In order to handle your system and Windows error, download and use the SmartPCFixer in the following. This repair tool will locate and identify, and stop Windows problems. After applying this software, you will be able to resolve 0xC0000161" easily, what's more, your pc must also run faster and smoother.

1. Click below download button to get 0xC0000161 Error Fixer.

2. Launch the the software, it will set up a compelte scan for your pc automatically, just wait for the scan result.


3. With hiting on 'Fix All' button, the 0xC0000161 error will be corrected along with another more errors that was discovered in last step.


Other Methods

Install Windows Updates

Sometimes "0xC0000161" problem can be a result of some windows system bugs, and Windows Update is used for upgrading the windows system, by using it, you are able to upgrade the system, expand the systemfunctions, help make your system more supportive for hardwares and softwares, whilst keeping a much more stable system environment. Through updating windows, the 0xC0000161 issue could be solved. Follow steps given as below, it is easy to install windows update.

  1. Click Start button at the left corner of screen, and click on Control Panel:

  2. Click the option of Windows Update on new opened window:

  3. After step 2, a new window - Windows Update is going to be opened, and click on Install updates

All things considered above steps finished, the procedure of installing windows update is done. Check regardless of if the "0xC0000161" error has been eliminated already.

Tips: We highly recommend use SmartPCFixer to cure 0xC0000161 issue and protect your computer system regularly.

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